Sunday, 10 March 2013

What's in your bag?

Here are some of my must haves when going anywhere. So 1st I love my baby lip balm, it's great for moisturising your lips and this one gives a nice pink colour too. MAC is also my favourite place for lipstick/gloss, I usually go for the more neutral colours like light pink and beige. 2nd I love covergirls "clean" makeup line, its not heavy on your face and its good for covering any imperfections, especially the liquid foundation. 3rd I've got my MAC eyeliner which is the best one i've ever tried! i definitely recommend it because it stays on your eyes all day without coming off at all. also I use Voluminous false lashes mascara, I love this because the brush doesn't clump your lashes and gives a good spaced out look. 4th I always have hand moisturiser  my favourite Vaseline, it's super conditioning and leaves your hands really smooth, I also have victoria secret body lotion that i use, either of them work really well! and I especially love this body spray by victoria secret, it smalls amazing I wear it all the time. Last of all I always need to carry gloves! especially in the fall/ Winter time since it's freezing in my city!

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